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Interviewer: What would you do if you were in an accident? Knowing what you know, how would you find the right attorney to help you? Most people don’t expect they’re going to be in an accident. Aloof sudden, they’re in one. How do they know what to do?

Photograph the Accident Scene

Harry Williams: What will I do if I was in an accident? I was in an accident about 20 years ago. My wife and I were going to speak to a group for our church. I was on the way after work and I got rear ended two blocks away from where I was going to meet my wife to speak to this group. I had a cell phone. I called my wife. I told her to run home and get the camera because back then but cell phones didn’t have cameras attached to them. She went home and got the camera so I could get some pictures of the vehicles at the scene of the accident.

Contact the Police at the Scene of the Accident

I then, of course, immediately called the police also. Always, if I’m involved in an accident and if it’s somebody else’s fault, you get the police out there. If the person tries to talk you out of it, too bad, you must call the police. If the person looks like they’re going to take off, pull out your cell phone, you take a picture of their license plate. You want a police officer that’s going to show up and write a police report.