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Interviewer: What do I do if I am told that the motorcycle accident was my fault, and the other guy’s insurance is hounding me and their lawyer is calling me? Is my case going to be doomed?

The Attorneys Are Reluctant To Take A Motorcycle Accident Case If There Is No Witness

Harry Williams: Well, unless there are witnesses, it’s your word against the other driver’s word. When we have a situation where someone comes in and they’re injured as a result of an accident and if they’re being blamed for the accident but then they’re blaming the other party for the accident, unless there’s some type of evidence in his or her favor, then I usually will not take the case or represent that client.

If Both Parties In A Motorcycle Accident Are Blaming Each Other, That Case Can Only Proceed With Help Of A Witness

It has to be a case where there is fairly clear evidence as to whose fault it is, or there are witnesses. If there’s a dispute as to whose fault it is, then I want to have some witnesses that will help out my case.

To answer your question, if the guy that was on the motorcycle is claiming it was not his fault, but everybody else points their finger at him and says that it was, then he’s probably not going to be able to recover for his injuries.