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Will Getting My Own Lawyer Antagonize The Insurance Company And Make Things Worse?

No. Actually, the opposite is often true. ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to signal the involved insurance company and its lawyers that you are taking your accident and injury seriously is to be represented by your own attorney. On your own, you can get the old “run-around.” It’s common to make things so difficult for you that you end up accepting whatever settlement is offered. When you are represented by a lawyer who handles accident cases, you are treated differently and with more respect.

Isn't It Too Expensive To Get My Own Lawyer?
No it’s not too expensive. In reality, it costs you nothing to have a good attorney who is knowledgeable in handling injury cases on your side, working for you and looking out for your interests. At our office, our fee is “Contingent” on success – in other words, other than reimbursement of expenses incurred on your behalf, we receive ONLY a percentage of the money collected for you, paid to us only when your case is successfully concluded.
Can't I Leave Everything To My Insurance Company To Handle For Me?
No you cannot rely on your insurance company to adequately represent you. In many cases, your own insurance company may NOT be your friend after an accident. For example, if you were injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, your own insurance company becomes your opponent, having an interest in reducing and minimizing money paid to you because it comes out of their pockets (because they can’t get it from the other guy’s insurance company). The insurance adjusters and insurance company lawyers know dozens of different ways to reduce your payment or even deny your claim altogether. Doubt this? Get out your entire insurance policy and read it word for word. All the teeny-tiny print. Can you honestly say you understand it all? No, you can’t!
Can I Rely On The Information That Was Given Me By An Insurance Company Or Its Lawyers?
Sorry, but you just cannot rely on them to tell you “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about your case and your rights. Legally, it is YOUR responsibility to know the law and to protect your rights. And while they may never simply outright lie to you, they may not volunteer important information either. If you don’t ask the right questions, they may NOT give you the right answers!
Isn't It Best To Wait For An Offer Of Settlement Before Doing Anything?
No, No, No! Waiting can put your legal rights AND your health at risk. Time IS important. You should see a doctor immediately. Your injury could be much more serious than you realize. If you need a referral to a good doctor that is an expert in accident injuries, we will be happy to assist you. If your insurance company asks (or insists) you see (only) their “company doctor,” think twice about that! Next, you should also IMMEDIATELY consult with an attorney who has expertise in accident cases. It is shockingly easy to “goof up” and sign away or waive some or all of your rights, or make statements that later reduce your settlement. If you are told “just sit tight and wait for us to get back to you with an offer,” that is simply bad advice.
Do I Have To Go To The Doctor My Insurance Company Tells Me To Go To?
No, you have a lot of control over the doctors (and lawyer) you determine to be best for you and your situation. And that includes not just medical doctors (M.D.’s), but also chiropractic physicians (D.C.’s), and other medical professionals.
If I 'Feel Better' After A Few Days Do I Need To See A Doctor Or Consult With An Attorney?
Just because the immediate, post-accident pain lets up, you dare NOT assume you do not have some serious injury. It is VERY COMMON for “hidden” injuries from accidents to surface weeks, months or even years later. If your injuries are undiagnosed at the beginning, when they present themselves later, you will be unable to get the medical care you need paid for! NOT GETTING A THOROUGH AND COMPLETE EXAMINATION and DIAGNOSIS is a huge mistake. Right now, it does NOT matter whether you were injured a day, week or month ago, already been examined or never went to a doctor, have been swallowing pain pills and toughing it out — you need a thorough, expert diagnostic examination. If we represent you as your attorney, we will assist you in scheduling such an examination.
Isn't It Better To Use My Own Health Insurance Or Even Pay Out-Of-Pocket Than To 'Make Trouble' And Deal With Lawyers?
First of all, it’s usually not admissible to use your own health insurance or the health insurance provided by your employer for a legitimate accident injury. Second, properly protecting your rights and your health after an accident is NOT “making trouble.” This is a big thing for people. Most people don’t want to “make trouble” for themselves or the insurance company representatives or lawyers. PLEASE GET THIS: If you are injured, your first responsibility and obligation is to yourself and your family! Third, I don’t blame you at all for not wanting to “deal with lawyers.” Sadly, my profession’s reputation just isn’t that good. I know it and I understand why. It’s okay to look at me as a “necessary evil” – I don’t mind. (Haven’t you heard? It’s impossible to insult an attorney!) But you must also understand, the other guy’s insurance company and yours both have lawyers working for them. You are out-manned, out-matched and, bluntly, will be out-maneuvered! And I promise you this: my legal team and I will treat you with courtesy and respect. We will listen to you, answer your questions, keep you informed, and work only and completely on your behalf.
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