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Interviewer: If I’ve been in a motorcycle accident, should I wait to see a doctor or a chiropractor until I talk to an attorney or until the pain subsides? What should I do first?

It Is Imparities To Immediately See A Doctor & Not Wait To Talk To An Attorney If You Are Injured

Harry Williams: If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, you should be getting treatment as soon as possible. As soon as possible may mean getting over to the emergency room of the local hospital. By the time we hear from clients, it’s usually a day or two days or a week after the accident, or may be even more. By then, if the person was actually injured in the accident, they’ve usually gone to the emergency room by an ambulance. If there were no broken bones, if they were just banged up, then a lot of times the person is released with instructions to call a doctor in a couple weeks if the symptoms persist. They’re given, usually, prescriptions for pain medications and/or muscle relaxers.

Depending On The Severity Of Injuries, It Is Advisable To Get The Treatment As Soon As Possible

To answer your question, if I have a client that comes in and they’ve been to the emergency room and they’re still in pain or they’re not getting any better, I’m trying to get my client to get into a doctor sooner rather than later. The standard advice from the emergency room doctor is to give it a couple of weeks, and sometimes that’s not the best advice. If a person wakes up the next morning and they’re in severe pain, they should be getting to their regular primary care doctor right away and not just depending on medication to try to make things better. The sooner the better for getting into treatment is advisable. That can be a primary care doctor, a medical doctor or a chiropractor; it just depends on the types of injuries as to what doctor that’s going to be.